What technologies do we use?

Database - PostgreSQL

Wivvies uses an Object Relational Database by the name of PostgreSQL, databasen is open source, you will save license costs.

At the same time, PostgreSQL is one of the safest and most powerful databases available.

Web application framework - Django and Python

We base all communication and safety on the django framework with Python as the underlying language.

Django is most used Python based web framework with customers like YouTube og NASA.

Front-end - Flutter

We use Flutter for all user interfaces i.e. mobile apps, web apps and actually also TV apps.

Flutter is a Google product, that is gaining market shares these days in the front-end development market.

Operating system - Linux

All servers runs Linux, we also use Linux on our development PCs.

Linux is open source, we save license fees and at the time we ensure that our developers are comfortable with work at our servers.