With which technologies are we working?

Database - PostgreSQL

Wivvies uses an Object Relationship database called PostgreSQL, the database is open source, so we save license money.

At the same time, PostgreSQL is most of the most advanced and feature-rich database on the market.

Web application framework - Django and Python

We base all communication and security on the django development environment with Python as the underlying programming language.

Django is the most widely used Python based development system and the user base counts products like YouTube and NASA.

User interface - Flutter and Dart or React JS/Native

We use the most dependable frameworks for all our interfaces ie. mobile applications and web applications.

Flutter / Dart is a Google product, and it's one of the fastest growing development environments right now.

React JS/Native is Facebook product, and it is the most used and supported development environments right now.

Operating system - Linux

All our servers run Linux, we also use Linux on our development machines.

Ubuntu Linux is open source, so we save license money for our developers.

Ubuntu Linux is also extremely stable and many IT professionals support it.