Acts like integrators

Between IT talents in Bulgaria and Customers with IT needs in Scandinavia.

We develop software projects where the customer is guaranteed Danish project management and monitoring, with Bulgarian IT people who are passionate about solving the task as they have a share in the project economy.

We work from the English language for daily collaboration and contracts and Scandinavian business standards.

The business model

Is simple for everybody

Our developers work freelance, at the same time they are supported by Wivvies' management knowledge of project management and business culture in Scandinavia.

Bulgarian freelance talents

We would like to get in touch with you!

We offer an international work environment, a sales organization in Scandinavia, a work place with great equipment, support for all the legal and business activities and a lot more benefits.

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Software sales in Scandinavia

If you want to increase your development capacity, we offer a number of business models that ensure you get highly committed employees, daily managed by people who know your needs and requirements.

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If your company needs software developed, but can not find the IT people or perhaps 100% describe the task technically, please contact us!

- we can most likely help you with both description and execution.

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We work as an office community

We do not have employees, but instead development partners who work as freelancers with extra income when we have projects and limited income when we do not.


Offers our development partners a number of benefits

As a develpment partner, you get a workplace with 3 monitors, which allows you to work efficiently, you will enjoy daily backup facilities, fast internet, and needed software licenses. We want you to focus on your project work and we will take care of everything else.

We support you in relation to negotiating, making contracts, planning daily work and reporting to customers.

We also offer a shared website, help structuring projects, a sales organization, and help with finding projects suitable for you.

Most importantly, you get colleagues for daily idea and knowledge sharing without losing the freedom that freelance work provides.

Project types

Between developer and customer

IT projects are different, and therefore Wivvies is flexible in relation to how we work with the customer

Fixed price projects

We are not afraid of giving a fixed price for projects where the requirements specification is well defined.

- we can even help making the requirements specification measurable, to ensure that expectations are aligned with the result.

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Hour based projects

We can sell development hours at prices that are somewhat below Scandinavian development hours.

- and at the same time ensure project management and reporting meets Scandinavian requirements.

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Shared ownership

If the idea is good and the customer can document that they have a chance to sell software after development, Wivvies is also happy to do projects where the project is estimated on time, and we make the project at a flat cost price against shares in ownership subsequently.

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Development tools

Efficiency requires standardisation

Our development partners work
with these tools.

Wivvies wants developers to help each other, and security of not being dependent on a developer.

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We develop with one of the world's most powerful and secure open-source databases, and make full use of the database facilities.

Relational database

We use one of the world's safest and most thoroughly tested web frameworks, a tool used by e.g. YouTube, NASA and DropBox just to name a few users.

Python based web framework

We use the same development tools like Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix and many others to make interactive web pages and mobile applications.

React JS and Native
Typescript based front-end tool
The customer gets

A development team

Where the benefits of using an existing software house are present, despite the fact that this solution is significantly cheaper.

Motivated team members

The salary level in Bulgaria is cheaper than in Scandinavia, but our development partners get a share of the revenue projects provide.

We pay our employees above the local average when they work on projects towards a serious effort, and expect at the same time loyalty and stability - for us it is more about performing the task than price.

Standardised routines

Contracts, daily emails, weekly reports, invoices, etc. runs via its own administrative system and everything is done in English.

The daily manager of the developers has 38 years of experience in the IT industry and is Danish.

We use very few development tools, which allows us to specialize many developers towards the same technology.

Work environment

Our equipment is ultimate in terms of development efficiency and Bulgaria has really good and stable internet.

We arrange joint courses where development partners share knowledge with each other to strengthen each other.

We share office daily, that way we optimize and share experience between development partners - even if you buy one developer, you get a whole team.