Are integrators

Between IT talents in Bulgarien, and customers with IT needs in Scandinavia.

We develop software projects, where the clients enjoys Danish project management and supervision, for Bulgarian IT employees, who are highly motivated by working partly bonus based.

Our work language is Engelske, but we can also communicate in Danish.

We are bonus based

Wivvies employees enjoys a solid base salary.

But their primary income source is based on bonuses, which ensures maximum focus and motivation.


Ensures an optimum production environment

Employees has a workstation with at least two 32" monitors, we know this increases efficiency.

We have server facilities and daily backup-routines.

We have fast and stable internet and the necessary software licenses.

We ensure a nice work environment with free lunch and other benefits.

In short, Wivvies is managed as an IT company with Scandinavian values and norms.

Project types

with flexible price structure

IT projects are different, and Wivvies aims to be flexible in terms of project economy.

Fixed price projects

We are not afraid of fixed price projects if the demand specification is well-defined.

- we can even help making the demand specification quantifiable (test driven development), so expectations are met with results.

Hour price projects

We can sell development hours at prices well below Scandinavian prices.

- and at the same time deliver project management and reporting according to Scandinavian demands.

Shared ownership

If you have a great idea, and the end-product is sellable, Wivvies is happy to work at cost prices for a share in future product income.

Call us for an informal brainstorm discussion!

Development tools

Efficiency and standards are linked

Wivvies works exclusively
with these tools.

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We work in the world's most powerful and safest open-source relational database, and we utilize every functionality inside it.

Relational database

We use one of the safest and well-tested web frameworks, a framework used used by i.e. YouTube, NASA and DropBox just to mention a few.

Python based web framework

We use one of the fastest growing front-end development tools, which supports mobile, web, Windows, Mac and Linux front-ends. We can even create applications that run on a smart TV.

Flutter for web and mobile development
Front-end tool, that support multiple medias
We offer

a development team

Where advantages from using a software house "down the street" is present, but just a great deal cheaper.

Motivated employees

The salary level in Bulgaria is lower than Skandinavien, and our employees are partly bonus based.

We pay a solid fixed salary, but we pay bonus for project or task completion and that ensures highly motivated employees.

Standardised routines

The daily work language is in English, and we have standardized routines for most processes.

The daily manager has 39 years of experience in the IT business and is Danish.

We specialize in a few development tools, which enables us to work train and work efficiently inside these tools.

Work environment

Our development PCs are new and the internet in Bulgaria is both stable and fast.

We spent quite a lot of time on video or internal courses, where employees share knowledge.

We sit together and share experience from day to day - you are not just getting an employee, you are getting a team!