Your business is missing

Web or Mobile applications

Which they could bring to market and make money on sales?

But you are missing the technical overview to get the application produced, and you may even be missing the money to finance the development - then Wivvies is for you!


We have developed very effective methods for making mobile solutions, and at the same time we have minimized our cost price for hours.

Our working methods

If we like the project potential, Wivvies will work for cost price in the development phase

You will save a great portion of the development costs, and significantly reduce project risks.

In return, Wivvies partners with your company and shares the profits on sales - we negotiate a fair deal.

This gives your company a partner who is highly motivated to make a good product within a reasonable time frame, as Wivvie's profit is completely conditional on our ability to make a good application on time - Fair? We think so!


Here's how to get started


Your company makes a presentation where you describe what the mobile app should be able to do.

Technical assessment

Wivvies assesses whether the project can be developed within a manageable time frame and makes suggestions for improvements.


Your company makes a realistic budget and a plan for how you will bring this to market.

Wivvies are of course willing to help in this phase if needed.


Wivvies codes the project, hosts it and ensures that there is sufficient documentation.

Sales and support

Your company sells the software to your future clients.

Your company also takes care of day to day customer support.

Wivview takes care of technical support to your organization.

Software maintenance and hosting

Wivvies takes care of version 2, 3 and 4 - as long as you sell and create a profit, we have that interest.

At the same time, we make sure that the system runs on a daily basis.

Wivvies methods

We work according to very well-defined methods

We have many years of experience in making software systems, here are some of the arguments for using us.

We take responsibility

At Wivvies, you will work with a partner who takes financial responsibility for the software development phase.

In other words, we are so confident that we can execute the job, that we do not need an up-front profit, we are comfortable with a % of the profits from end-user sales.

Development standards

We use development methods and software frameworks that are also standard on the market.

Wivvies has spent years utilizing these packages as efficiently as possible, e.g. do we use code generation, thus we have programs that make programs.

"Lego bricks"

We have a large library of standards for security, entry forms, report generation, etc. which allows us to reuse a lot of code from project to project.

Wivvies is inspired by the "assembly line idea", thereby optimizing the individual employee's efforts.

Low cost level

We have a Danish-managed company in Bulgaria, where we do our software development.

So we have spent time and experience ensuring that your business gets a partner with minimized internal costs.

We have been outsourcing in Indonesia before, for 15 years.

Future responsibility

The biggest challenge, for a sales company in outsourcing a software house, is actually not the development price itself, but instead maintenance and support

- Entrepreneurs usually discovers this, when they have tried to havea sales success, but are totally dependent on a software company that makes a living by selling hours ...

More information

Worth knowing about Wivvies

Wivvies is a company that has developed very effective methods of making mobile solutions, and we are so confident that we can make workable solutions - that can be sold, that we are willing to take the financial risk while the application is being produced - in return, Wivvies enters into a partnership with your company and shares the profits on sales.

Project startup

The concept works like this

Your company presents the idea to Wivvies, and we assess whether we will participate in the project .....

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Time to market

As long as your company sells the product, Wivvies assumes responsibility for the further development of the software.

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Development tools

Wivvies develops all our databases PostgreSQL, our preferred platform for creating web applications is django and Python, while we make our mobile applications in Flutter and Dart.

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