Wivvies offer

A possibility to create income in a growing market

Your organization sells turnkey software development services, and your organization struggles to find the resources for projects at the right quality and price.

You have also hesitated to seek outsourcing venues in foreign countries, because you fear communication will be a challenge, and at the same time - you do not have resources to control a team of programmers sitting somewhere else.

If this is fully or partly your situation, please read more.

Wivvies setup

We have an office in Varna, Bulgaria where we invite freelance programmers to work on projects.

We work exclusively in English, in order to have a standardized communication platform, and to ensure that we can share all information with clients.

Varna is a 450.000 people university city with 6 different universities, and a huge number of students, who tends to stay in their city afterwards, since Varna's location at the shore of the Black sea offers an attractive nature and climate.

We provide super fast internet lines and top of the line development computers to all our developers, and we ensure that development software licenses etc. are provided.

Wivvies offers

Sales office in Denmark with Danish sales representative.

Danish daily leader in Bulgaria with 35 years of international software development experience.

A salary/profit sharing model for employees, that ensures employee loyalty and skill development.

Project specification, planning, development and testing help.

Turn key project development with skilled developers.

A business model, where the sales organization can make money.

We deliver these

Project types

Mobile applications

We deliver mobile applications both for Android and iPhones.

We ensure that the mobile applications are deployed via Google Play or Apple Store.

We create the necessary backend for information flow inside the mobile applications.

We work in these technologies:

  • Flutter/Dart
  • React Native

Web applications

We deliver advanced web sites with database backends.

We create the necessary backend for information flow inside the web applications.

We work in these technologies:

  • Javascript/jQuery
  • React JS
  • Streamlit (Python)

Database design and secure APIs

We deliver scalable, secure and stable backends to mobile and web applications.

All our APIs and our documentation is in English, and you will have access to the source code.

We host or we help you host the applications on Linux servers.

We work in these technologies:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Django (Python)
  • JSON/REST based communication