Project startup

This is how the concept works


Does your company have an idea for a mobile application that they could bring to the software market and make money on sales and service?

Technical limitation

But you lack the technical overview to get the application produced, and you may even lack the money to finance the development - then Wivvies is for you!

Opportunity for partnership

Wivvies is a company that has developed very effective methods for making mobile solutions, and we are so confident that we can make workable solutions - that can be sold, so we are willing to take the financial risk while the application is being produced.

In return, Wivvies enters into a partnership with your company and shares the profit on sales.


Your company thus gets a partner who is highly motivated to make a good product within a reasonable time time frame, as Wivvie's income is conditioned by our ability to make a good application on time

- Fair? We think so!