Time to market

How long time from idea to market?

Demand specification

The only thing that really differs from ordinary software development here is the cost and revenue distribution.

Therefore, we also need a detailed requirements specification on the product before we can get started.

Wivvies is ready to help

If your company cannot make the specification itself, we can possibly assist in the development of a requirements specification - this is done through conversations and meetings.

However, this assistance requires that we have already reached an agreement on cooperation.

Profit possibilities

Wivvies must assess whether there is enough revenue to cover the costs, so we need a revenue budget.

We also need a marketing budget and a plan for what your business will do to sell the product.

Wivvies workload

Wivvies does not start projects where we estimate a development time of more than 3 months, because then the risk becomes too great.

Wivvies usually need to create database, web server and host these, one or more mobile applications, website to describe the application, etc.

Wivvie's job is not just to make a program, there are a lot of elements that need to be connected - and it takes time.

Your business also has obligations

Throughout the development process, your company has three tasks:

  • Test of systems
  • Enter demo data that can be used for presentation and testing
  • Find text and images for sales material ie. Web pages and brochures